About us

Since 1931 Grays Inc. Ltd has forged itself the reputation of being a reliable producer and marketer of the best wines, spirits, and liqueurs in Mauritius.

Our Wines are imported from the best cellars in the world including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and other varieties, offering a great selection of wines from around the world; France, Chile, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Spain, New Zealand and more.

Additionally, we are proud to market rums through our local distribution network,
giving our customers the taste of the local know-how, and export our products to Europe and South Africa.
If beverages is our first activity, we knew through the years to diversify our company in different services. We now provide different ranges of Consumer goods, Personal Care, Fragrances and Pharmaceuticals and Home Care products.


Our Mission


To be driven by passion in distributing & marketing our products and services

Client satisfaction

To build close relationship with customers in order to satisfy their demands and needs.


To constantly improve the quality of our products and services.


To value the contribution of our employees.


To create value for our shareholders.


To be socially responsible.

Our Vision

We build leading Brands in our markets and market the spirit of our Brands internationally.

Our Values

Our values express what we believe in and shape the way we behave.


Respect defines the way we relate to people within our group and the community.


Tenacity encourages us to work towards perfection through every endeavour


Integrity guides our every action.


Passion gives us the strength and enthusiasm to always contribute to commitment.


Innovation inspires us to move forward by taking the initiative.