Happy employees and customers are at the core of a successful business, and when it comes to their satisfaction, small things like a good cup of coffee matters. As a full-fledged coffee service partner, Grays provides all you need to provide amazing coffee to both your employees and customers. We offer top-quality coffee products such as beans and filter coffee, as well as equipment that include espresso and vending machines.

Since each business is different in its own way, whether you are a restaurant or an office, we can customize our coffee solutions and training to fit your needs.

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Since 1895, Coffee Master Johann Jacobs has a dream to let people experience the magical power of coffee aroma and the possibilities it brings. Today, the magic aroma has made Jacobs famous worldwide. Jacobs source only premium quality coffee beans from around the world and no matter what your coffee tastes, Jacobs has something for you. Jacobs is an international brand belonging to the Giant JDE.

The magical and voluptuous aroma of Jacobs is available in beans :

  • Caff√® Crema: 100% Arabica coffee with nutty flavours.
  • Bankett Medium: Arabica/ Robusta blend coffee with a strong flavour profile.

Jacobs is also available in:

  • Instant: 100% Arabica and in liquid with the Cafitesse system, a 100% fresh & pure coffee.

L'OR Espresso

Surrender to the pleasure of the blend.

Each cup of L’OR coffee is an opportunity to live a unique experience: a moment of pure coffee pleasure, without complexity. Follow your senses and let yourself be overwhelmed by the intensity of its aroma. Discover a new balance between sweet and full-bodied flavors. Be enchanted by L’OR, probably the best coffee in the world.