Consumer goods

Grocery Retail & Food Distribution

Grays, provides customers in Mauritius with a range of well-known brand-name products for Supermarkets and most outlets. Our task is to act directly on behalf of our partners in our local market in terms of marketing and distribution. We represent the following brands: Mentos, Alpenliebe, Foster Clark’s, Quaker, Lay’s, Doritos, Sweetex, Liqui Fruit. We have a profound knowledge of our brands and we are proud that a wide range of established, leading brands have put their faith in us.



The DORITOS® brand is all about boldness. Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos Tortilla Chips are the universal language of awesome. If you’re up to the challenge, grab a bag of DORITOS® tortilla chips and get ready to make some memories you won’t soon forget. It’s a bold experience in snacking and beyond. Break free from the mundane and the everyday. Lose the shackles of mediocrity and embrace your individualism and explore the boundaries of all your experiences. Open a bag right now and you’ll understand why Doritos takes snacking to a higher level! Far more than just a chip. Doritos brand tortilla chips deliver a powerful crunch that unlocks the bold and unique flavours you crave.



Always fresh tasting, crispy and delicious, each bag of Lay’s potato chips is made with specially selected potatoes and to the highest quality standards.

Crispy and light tasting, Lay’s potato chips were designed to put a smile on everyone’s face, which makes them the perfect snack to share.

Lay’s chips will surely brighten your day! It’s the ‘Classic’ snack tradition everyone loves!

Available in 100g, 90g, 80g in 7 delicious flavours:

• Cheese and Onion 100g
• Paprika 100g
• Salt & Vinegar 100g
• Barbecue 100g
• Cheese 100g
• Originais 90g
• Camponesa 80g


‘Quaker Oats is simply good for your heart.’

Quaker Traditional Wholegrain Oats contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Available made from Traditional Rolled Oats or Jumbo Oats, each serving contains enough beta glucan to help reduce cholesterol*.

Traditional Wholegrain Oats come with all of the goodness* of oats:
• 100% whole grain oats
• Helps lower cholesterol*
• High in fibre

Comes in a 500g tin and refillable bag format for more freshness!


This irresistible round-shape candy is based on an innovative concept: crunchy and smooth outside, soft and really fresh inside.

Available in 6 different flavours 40g:
• Fruit
• Mint
• Apple
• Air Eucalyptus Menthol
• Rainbow
• Strawberry Mix

Foster Clarks

Foster Clark’s instant flavoured drink makes a delicious and nutritious beverage. A 200 ml glass serving provides a full day’s supply of vitamin C. Available in 45g sachets and 450g Jar. Distributed by Grays.

45g Sachet:
• Contains a mixture of pure sugar and added sweeteners
• Has the widest variety of flavors
• Convenient packaging (packed in crash locks outers)
• Easy to use
• Good balance between quality & price
• Every 200ml glass provides a full day’s supply of Vitamin C!