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Make-up and cosmetics with the latest range of colors and shades to help you achieve your own individual look. If it’s skin care you’re after, we have a wide range of moisturizers, lotions and cosmetics for every budget.



Bourjois is a French cosmetics company which creates make-up, fragrance and skincare products, which are nowadays sold in approximately 23, 000 points of sales in more than 50 countries worldwide. The brand was born in 1862 into the world of Paris’ scene of theater and performing arts. Bourjois has, since then, spread its ‘joie de vivre’ and expertise all over the world with innovative formulas. The brand continues to innovate and create tasteful and accessible products in order to allow the modern women express her inner style and personality.


Erborian, “Herbs of the Orient”, is the combination of the Korean skincare expertise and French sophistication. Within its Korean laboratory, in Seoul, Erborian combines the most sophisticated technologies at the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry with high-quality ingredients derived from Korean herbs, to create innovative and exclusive formulas with fine, smooth, stable textures that reveal luminosity, radiance and younger-looking skin.
Inspired by ancient Korean traditions, Korean herbs have a dual advantage: they are incredibly effective as they are exceedingly pure, but they are also very gentle and very well tolerated.
Erborian does not make big marketing promises or spectacular claims. Rather, it offers proven effectiveness and astounding results.

L’Occitane En Provence

For over 30 years, L’OCCITANE has drawn inspiration from Mediterranean art de vivre and traditional Provencal techniques to create natural beauty products dedicated to your well-being. Our effective products are rich in natural active ingredients and essential oils, which are often organic and always of controlled origin. Our body care, skincare, bath and hair care products feature luxurious fragrances and textures from ingredients like shea butter, lavender, verbena and immortelle!

M.A.C Cosmetics

Since 1984, M.A.C Cosmetics has established itself as the ultimate color authority with artistry at our roots, inclusion and diversity at our core, and a commitment to conscious beauty and social responsibility at the top of minds.. With products sold in over 120 countries, it’s no wonder why make up lovers always return back to M.A.C.


Invented in 1933, Dettol was used by doctors in hospitals to disinfect before delivering babies. Within four years the morbidity rate from sepsis during birth reduced by 50%.

As a result it became trusted and endorsed by doctors.
Dettol helps families all over the world fight germs and bacteria.

From the products we make to the education we provide, our expertise in disinfection, hygiene and first aid makes a difference
Dettol products have been tested and proven effective against Covid-19