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Magical coffee aromas since 1895

Jacobs coffee is one of the leading German coffee brands which thanks to Grays can be enjoyed in Mauritius. The brand produces a wide range of coffee aromas which are produced using only ingredients of the highest standards.

Jacobs offers several coffee mixes to satisfy the needs of coffee lovers across the globe. Jacobs also offers different types of coffee capsules which are compatible with modern coffee machines.

Why Jacobs ?

Magical Aroma

Product of Germany

Wide Range of Coffee

Made Using Finest Ingredients


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We proudly serve and use Jacobs Coffee at Bean to Cup to create exceptional coffee experiences. We understand the importance of offering a diverse selection to cater to all tastes. At Bean to Cup, we provide an extensive range of choices, allowing you to explore the exquisite flavors and aromas of Jacobs Coffee. Whether you prefer a classic cup of joe or crave the indulgence of specialty blends, our menu is designed to satisfy every coffee lover’s desires. Join us at Bean to Cup and immerse yourself in the world of Jacobs Coffee, where quality and variety come together for an unforgettable coffee journey.


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