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The rum of Mauritius

Mauricia is a pure sugar cane juice rum made in Mauritius by Grays and named after a Plantation Domaine in the north of the island. Fresh sugar cane crops are used to make Maurica rum, which is then pressed, fermented for 30 hours, and distilled in a sophisticated process that yields a 100% natural crystal-clear rum.

Mauricia is entirely made in Mauritius and is the island’s most exported rum. Through 3 innovative rums namely; “Creation”, “Signature” and “Heritage”, Mauricia displays its original identity through natural fresh, minty, slightly spicy and peppery aromas.

Why Mauricia ?

Made Using Fresh Sugar Cane

3 Innovative Rums

100% Natural

Taste of Mauritius


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Most Exported Rum from Mauritius

Mauricia rum is not only deeply rooted in the history and culture of Mauritius, but it is also highly sought after around the world, as it is one of the most exported rums from the island.

With its unique flavor profile showcasing natural, fresh, minty, slightly spicy, and peppery aromas, Mauricia rum celebrates the art of rum-making in Mauritius and reflects the sunshine and joy that the island is known for. As a completely natural product, Mauricia rum truly embodies the rich history and tradition of rum-making in Mauritius.


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