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New Grove

The award-winning 5-star Rum of Mauritius

Created entirely by Grays, “from field to glass” (5-star Rum), in the first distillery of Mauritius, New Grove rums symbolise what truly characterises the identity and spirit of the island: Authentic, Warm and Welcoming. 

The history of rum is intertwined with that of Mauritius. New Grove Rum comprises the taste of authenticity and is carried by the impulses of an expertise that has been continuously renewed for nearly two centuries. The quintessence of New Grove is made up of heritage and quality.  In 2020, New Grove Emotion 1969 won the “Canne d’Or” title by the International Sugar Cane Spirits Award competition, making it the World’s Best Rum.

The New Grove Rum Collection gracefully meets all qualitative international standards. Offering expressive, subtle, or with sweetness, New Grove rums suit all tastes and can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or with your favourite cocktail.

New Grove is proudly a “Made in Moris” product.

Why New Grove ?

World’s Best Rum

100% Made in Moris

Award Winning Rum

Export Quality

New Grove

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Award Winning Rum from Mauritius

The Golden Cane, the most esteemed award in the cane spirits industry, was presented to The New Grove Emotion (Oldest Rum aged Since 1969) for its exceptional qualities. This recognition aims to promote the diverse cultural richness of the industry. The fruity and robust aroma, along with pastry and buttery undertones and subtle hints of citrus fruit and sweet spices, won over the 40 experts on the panel from 17 countries and four continents who judged this Mauritian rum.


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