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Seven Seas

Tripled Distilled crystal pure dry cane liquor

From Sugar Cane Fields to milling, distilling, and bottling, all the way to the consumer, Seven Seas is the only vertically integrated Cane Spirit in Mauritius, grown and produced by Mauritians for Mauritians…

Seven Seas crystal pure dry cane liquor was launched in 1976. Everything in it from the bottle to its content present years of expertise from the Legends at Grays.

It is made from the highest quality sugar cane crops in Mauritius. The liquor then goes to a triple distillation process by master distillers to obtain a crystal pure cane spirit that is mostly enjoyed neat, in unique colourful cocktails or as “rum arrangé”.

Why Seven Seas ?

Made with the finest Sugar Cane

100% Made in Moris

Proud cane spirits of Mauritians

Crystal Pure

Seven Seas

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7Seas Mokoko - New Premium Liquor

7Seas is proud to launch a new variant which will for sure be enjoyed by our Legends. Mokoko is a premium coconut liquor which is already available at your regular shops and supermarkets. The taste of 7Seas Mokoko will surely remind you of the tropical set up in which it was made. 

7Seas Mokoko is  a major player in your events and gatherings as it mixes perfectly with different kind of cocktails. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media platforms and websites for exciting recipes made with MOKOKO !


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