Careers Opportunities

Grays is currently recruiting.

Category : Marketing / Commercial
Expiry date : 05 Dec 2020

Responsibilities :
  • Manage the Digital Marketing Team and oversee their respective tasks
  • Set the team’s objectives and the strategic direction
  • Collaborate with concerned parties to develop digital plans and strategies in line with brand positioning
  • Build brand presence by creating and maintaining the brand pages
  • Optimize and report on the performance of the digital campaigns
  • Apply data-driven decision-making to digital channels and media buying
  • Use digital strategies to generate e-commerce sales
  • Plan and implement SEO and SEA strategies
  • Plan and run social media advertising
  • Create email campaigns
  • Create website, and update and configure existing corporate and e-commerce websites
  • Stay up to date with Digital Marketing trends to ensure relevance
Education/Experience :
  • Bachelor’s Degree in communication or Marketing
  • An additional Certification in Digital Marketing is an advantage
  • Five years’ experience in similar position is required
  • Comfortable with Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google AdWords
  • Knowledge of UI and UX, and experience with MailChimp
  • Familiar with email segmentation and personalization
  • Excellent communication skills in English, French and Creole
  • Ability to work with tight deadlines
  • Proactive, good organizational skills and conversant with Microsoft Office tools

Category : Logistics
Expiry date : 05 Dec 2020

Responsibilities :
  • Create, develop and implement procurement strategies and procedures
  • Sourcing and supply of all Company’s purchases excluding finished products
  • Manage the daily operations of the purchasing activities of the Company
  • Oversee negotiation with all suppliers for best deals and monitor business trends
  • Benchmark items’ availability on markets and analyse there cost and quality before purchase
  • Evaluate stock levels and liaise with respective departmental managers
  • Ensure minimum occurrence in terms of quality and time delivery of products
  • Monitor cost budget dashboard to maximise control on expenditures
Education/Experience :
  • Degree in Procurement or Logistics
  • Five years experience in similar position is required
  • Excellent communication skills in English & French
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines
  • Advance level in Microsoft Office tools
  • Proactive and good organizational skills
  • Capacity to adapt to changing business environment

Category : H&S / Quality
Expiry date : 16 Dec 2020

Responsibilities :

• Assist in the implementation and maintain of an integrated management system
• Continuously review the corporate procedures in collaboration with concern stakeholders
• Follow up on non‐conformities identified during internal & external audits
• Implement appropriate corrective actions to ensure continual improvement of system
• Assist in quality control on a regular basis and prepare monthly reports
• Provide support in the claims and refund process of non‐conform products
• Conduct awareness sessions on the integrated management system across the company

Education/Experience :

• Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering or similar fields required
• 2 years working experience related to QMS or IMS implementation
• Proficient in MS office (word, excel and power point)
• Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills