As Grays Inc. Ltd is a vertically integrated company: We regulate and operate all processes.

We manufacture our own alcohol from the fermentation of molasses and pure sugar cane juice and also manage ageing cellars. This enables us to provide tailor made beverages for any market.

The choices vary from dark spirits such as aged rums, blended rums, flavored spirits, to white spirits such as cane spirit, white rum, vodka, gin…

We are currently exporting our spirits to Europe, USA, Africa and Asia.

Our most well-known rum brands are: New Grove, Lazy Dodo and Mauricia.



New Grove is a family-owned and operated Estate since 1838. Heritage and quality make up the quintessence of our rum. When you taste New Grove rums, you are digging yourself into the very heart of the island’s identity: The spirit of the Mauritius – Authentic taste, true emotions. Made from the savoir-faire of the first distillery on the island, New Grove suits all palates. Expressive, subtle or smooth, our rums are enjoyed neat or in your favorite cocktails.


The LAZY DODO is originated from Mauritius, in Pamplemousses. Our rum is meticulously produced on one the most mesmerizing plantation and the freshly collected molasses from our estate is fermented naturally for a specific period. Thanks to the know–how of our master of distiller, the natural flavours of the sugarcane and exotic fruits, are delicately extracted during the distillation process. The rum will develop a particular and unique aroma during its ageing; in French and American oak barrels, during a period going up to 10 years. After the elaborated and long exchange process of ageing, the cellar Master will blend the rums of different Millesimes. Displaying its amber highlights with enticing fresh and exotic notes, the palate is well structured, mellow, bearing a citrus, softly sweet yet woody taste.



Mauricia  is a pure sugar cane juice Rum, named after a Plantation Domaine  in the north of Mauritius. In 1819, the Habitation’s landowners developed a sugar cane mill and, soon after, added a distillery to the property. Today, the house of Mauricia, the large sugar cane fields and every step of the sugar and single estate rum production are still managed by the same family. Mauricia pure cane Rum is created, displaying its original identity through natural fresh, minty, slightly spicy and peppery aromas. Mauricia is 100% natural and pays a tribute to the art of rum making through Mauritius history.