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Discover Jacobs & L’Or coffee in our 20/Vin stores – supermarkets

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High Quality Coffee Brands

Are you a coffee lover in search of premium coffee brands? At Grays we offer the finest selection like Jacobs & L’OR available with added flavorings, whether you like it instant or in capsules. The golden standards are within your reach. Visit Grays’ shops for its variety of coffee and flavors, offering intense taste moments.

“Jacobs gives people an uplifting sense of their own possibility. The Jacobs Magic Aroma has a special power to stir the soul to make any moment bigger, better and brighter.”

Coffee Equipment and Training for Professionals

Brew better with Grays’ finest coffee equipment. Whether you are a budding barista, a coffee enthusiast, or a purveyor of the best coffee, we’ve got you covered. As a specialist of coffee, we offer all the products that you will need for your company.

In addition, Grays offer training to develop professional coffee-making skills. Our experts will teach you the fundamentals of barista skills. You will learn how to dose, grind, extract and tamp the perfect shot of coffee. For tailor-made service, get in touch with our team of professionals.

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