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Jo Malone

Timeless luxury, modern elegance, and embodying British culture’s essence


 Jo Malone, a renowned British fragrance brand, recognized for its sophisticated and pioneering approach to perfumery and has seamlessly evolved since joining The Estée Lauder Companies in 1999. Renowned for its personalized signature scent experiences, Jo Malone crafts fragrances that resonate with individuality. The brand extends its luxury beyond fragrances, offering opulent bath and body products.

With a global presence in 82 countries, Jo Malone recently inaugurated its first-ever shop in Tribeca Mall, Mauritius. This exclusive boutique invites enthusiasts to explore a curated selection of sophisticated scents.

Represented by Grays Inc, Jo Malone’s collaboration adds a distinctive touch, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to excellence. In essence, Jo Malone continues to shape the fragrance landscape, offering a harmonious blend of elegance and innovation.

JO Malone Fragrance

Jo Malone Shop location

Tribeca Mall, Ebene

(+230) 471 3168

Stephanie Jolicoeur

Shop Supervisor