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The People and Company Culture of Grays Inc Ltd

Our People

People of Grays : our dedicated and professional team members are crucial to our success. We take pride in our people, and they are the foundation of our company. We are accompanied by professionals with a wide array of skills and backgrounds, which allow us to provide top-notch services to our clients. Grays has always catered for the well being of its people and has set up long-term plans that will surely help them achieve their professional goals.

Our Culture

What makes the Grays company culture : each one of our collaborators are valued for the contribution they bring to Grays. We have a strong and well anchored mentality of helping and supporting each other and this way of proceeding is also transferred throughout the company from colleagues to customers and also to our partners.  We put an emphasis on our corporate mission and we are pleased to work with like minded people who helps us strengthen the importance of what we do best and achieve an autonomous culture of success.

Sacha audibert - hr manager

Sacha Audibert

Human Resource Manager

We aim at maintaining consistent growth and increasing corporate value at Grays Inc ltd. We do realise that human resources are required to reach the target set by business units. In addition to partnerships with relevant departments, we also set a target to attract professionals in a workplace where they can find growth and feel job satisfaction. 


Gender Diversity

We all know what it feels like to belong somewhere—to be included—and Grays wants all team members in our organization to feel that way.
At Grays, gender diversity is more than just a number. It also means providing a safe working environment for everyone, having up-to-date employee integration policies, not being biased in our recruitment and organizational culture, and having the same diversity in powerful roles such as executive teams and management positions. Striving for an
environment where all genders are empowered by being hired at a comparable rate, paid evenly, and given the same working opportunities with equal promotions is what defines gender

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Do take a look at our Careers page to see current vacant positions at Grays Inc Ltd. We are always on the lookout for new talents to ensure a smooth running of our day-to-day operations.

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