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Our Commitment

Grays’ environmental performance was assessed, with a comprehensive strategy to improve our carbon footprint, whilst maintaining our endeavours to support the regional social fabric. 


Our rums come full circle

With the help of Topterra, another Terra-owned company, we transform Vinasse, a by-product of our alcohol, into a fertiliser. Up to 58m3 of this product was used in Terragri’s sugarcane fields in 2021… Only to boost the growth of the very sugarcane used to make our rum. The best part ? Even the bottles don’t go to waste !


Grays Inc. sources alcohol from Grays Distilling and imports bulk wines and spirits for bottling locally. Additional key raw materials include glass, aluminium, cork (recycled) and paper, which are used to bottle, seal, label and package our spirits and wines. We strive to operate as efficiently as possible. We closely monitor the supply and quality of these materials to support efficient consumption and aim to reduce, reuse and recycle materials.

Energy and Climate Change

Grays Distilling monitors its energy consumption wisely with the help of new and efficient equipments in boiler combustion and steam production. In 2020, Grays Inc acquired a burner that runs on non-potable alcohol which is helping us to step away from using heavy fuel oil and reducing emissions. Smart energy-use campaigns are also communicated to our staff and energy consumption since 2020 has dropped. Grays Inc also has catered to install photovoltaic solar panels with the objective of covering up to 50% of our electricity needs. 

Water and Effluent

Water consumption is closely monitored at Grays Inc and we are working towards the improvement of water efficiency and effluent management. We use water mainly for operating the boiler, blending of alcoholic beverages and running of the bottle washer. Grays Inc is proud to use rainwater and treated effluent as alternative sources. Our rainwater harvesting infrastructure can cover up to 20% of our annual needs.

environmental commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

We deal in bottles, but that does not mean they should go straight to the landfill. In 2021, we recovered and re-used 176 tons of glass.

We expect that number to keep growing thanks to our campaign “To boutey ena so valer”. Translating to “Your bottle is valuable”, the slogan encourages consumers to return their empty bottles for cashback. The highlight of the campaign was a cheerful video starring our own people ! 

“Yes” to good times, “No” to drunk driving

Our Social Network campaign to sensitize the general public

Driving under the influence of alcohol (drunk driving) is one of the main causes of road accidents. Drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, affects the driver’s judgment, vision, coordination and concentration and increases the risk of having an accident.

Grays Inc Ltd launched a campaign named “For Good memories” aiming to sensitise road users and bring awareness to the general public of the dangers related to drunk driving.